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Rent-Tech offers computer rentals, laptop rentals and notebooks rentals by the day, week, month or longer. We can courier or deliver a rental equipment to any location in South Africa within 48 hours. In Limpopo Province, Mpumalanga Province, Gauteng Province and North West Province. Maintenance is FREE during your rental period.

Our competitive pricing insures that you receive the fairly competerive rates available when you rent computers from Rent-Tech. If you find a lower computer rental rate, we'll try to beat it by up to 5%-10%. We supply companies, government, organisations and tradeshows with computer, audio visual rentals and related equipment. We offer only top-quality equipment from the major manufacturers, such as HP/Compaq, DELL, Toshiba, Apple, Sahara, IBM, NEC, Sanyo, Panasonic, Hitachi, Sharp, Sony, and more. 


For a quote contact us: email, Fax: 086 635 3909 or Tel: 076 584 6662.

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LCD stands for Liquid Crystal Display, referring to the technology behind these popular flat panel monitors. An LCD monitor is distinguishable from a traditional CRT monitor as the latter has a bulky footprint with a depth of several inches and a weight of 13 - 23 kilograms or more. LCD Monitors offer good view and upgrade office or event image. We also rent out plasma screens.


For a quote contact us: email or Tel: 076 584 6662

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Are you running training or conducting workshop or hosting a meeting; and you realize that you didn’t book a LCD projector from stores in time and you are in need of projector to proceed with your plan – contact us.  Is your organization or department not in a position to buy many projectors but you know that the need arises main on adhoc basis and it is sometimes problematic  - talk to us to rent days in advance for days when you need a projects and have reduced rate than daily rate. Our projectors are available for a minimum of 1-day rental to years.


For a quote contact us: email or Tel: 076 584 6662


Rent-Interactive Whiteboard

An Interactive Whiteboard is a touch-sensitive surface that looks like a whiteboard, but instead of writing on it with dry erase pens, you write on it with your finger (or a special no-ink "pen"). How?

Take advantage of our Interactive Whiteboard rental option. No need for immediate out-right buy for SmartBoard anymore; Rent-Tech makes it easy of companies, organizations and government institutions to have Interactive Whiteboard on-site in the meeting room and/or board room much earlier than is wished with rental options available.


Interactive Whiteboard is a powerful board for board-rooms, meeting rooms, training rooms and projects rooms. Powerful features of Interactive Whiteboard are touch screen writing on digitised on screen files, recording meeting procession both voice and screen drawings, capability to save recording for later sharing and training and many more exciting features. Some advanced Interactive Whiteboards allow Real Time multi-sites collaboration when conducting meetings and workshops Contact Us for more info on Interactive Whiteboard Information..


For a quote contact us: email or Tel: 076 584 6662.

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Rent-Thin Client Systems

Thin client/server-based computing describes a shift away from the complexities of the typical modern personal computer (PC)-based network. While the PC started out as a simple tool which enabled individuals to increase their personal productivity, it has in fact become a rather complicated and bloated device. New PC hardware and software are constantly being released, creating an endless stream of compatibility issues, both small and large. Just when you think you have your PCs working perfectly, new applications, devices, device drivers, Internet access, etc., are required, and each desktop computer needs to be individually upgraded, reconfigured, or even completely replaced. As a result, what started as a simple personal computer evolved into a rather complex "fat client" network device.


Thin client computing is a response to this constant PC desktop upgrade and maintenance cycle with its high cost and high manpower requirements disrupting the flow of business. A thin client is a "display-only" device, meaning it displays applications that run on dedicated servers rather than on the computer.


Thin-Client benefits >> Click Here


For a quote contact us: email or Tel: 076 584 6662

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CD/DVD Burner

Are you having an event in few days to come and thinking what you can do to make sure that all your guests have the audio speech of the event before they leave after the event or even better; what you can do to have DVDs burned for them so that they can videos of the event few minutes after the event. Rent-Tech has solutions for you. Your camera person need to be able to convert the event video into DVD; and we will burn anything from 10 to hundreds of CDs or DVDs whilst your guests are eating or networking; and they can take along CDs or DVDs of the event. How does that sound? What are an excellent gift and equally good marketing and public relations gift. We have wide range of systems in our disposal; from desktop CD/DVD Printer and Burner that burns few in an hour to mean industrial burners that burns close to two thousand CDs per hour when connected together.

For a quote contact us: email or Tel: 076 584 6662